Friday, December 7, 2007

YOU try and take this picture!

Curran's second tooth (it's on the bottom) is well in, so I thought I'd try to take a picture. Uh-huh. Try getting a 5-month-old to cooperate for that! You can't see the tooth, but I thought that the picture turned out rather cute (especially since it mostly cuts out the double chin factor, and he looks much more little boyish).

This sweetling starting eating rice cereal on his five-month birthday, and loves it! He's also enjoying baths more. I tried to hold him while bathing Avery the other day and he kept lunging for the tub. So, okay, I undressed him and plopped him in the tub. He had SO much fun just splashing his arms in the water...and trying to grab Avery's toys. That last bit is finally becoming more of a constant problem, because Curran thinks that his brother's toys are really neat! And of course Avery doesn't like Curran drool on his toys...which leads me to one last scenario:

Poor guy, Avery was giving Curran a good night kiss (which can take a while because Curran doesn't always cooperate by putting his cheek in a kissable position), and Curran had just nursed and...well...Avery got spit up on just as Curran was trying to chew Avery's nose. To Avery's credit he stayed remarkably calm given that he had sour milk all over his face...poor guy :)


Mama said...

What an adorable picture! Curran is certainly taking after his Tia Clarice... early teeth, rice cereal at 5 months and those limpid, GIANT eyes!! Poor Avery! The fun and challenges of having a younger sibling are just beginning... and what a roller coaster ride THAT is!!!

Barb said...

Well said.