Saturday, November 1, 2008

My little creeps...

<<<--- Here is Avery in his Musketeer outfit. He decided to be D'Artagnon after seeing the Disney movie. I didn't make the hat, but I made the tabard and the cape. Neither is perfect to a sewer's eyes, but it turned out great as far as I'm concerned! I had to do my first applique around a fleur-de-lis shape, but I actually managed not to pull out all my hair. The black and maroon fabric are polyester pseudo-suede, so I had to sew carefully because any holes made stayed forever. The cape lining was lame (as in la-may, I don't have the accented E) so very slippery to work with, but it didn't kill me either. *grin*

The upper pumpkin is Avery's bug-eyed pumpkin and mine is the ghostie in front. We put them on the front steps to our house along with various skeletons and big spiders. You can also see the boys enjoying the spoils of about six houses that actually were home to answer their doors. Avery wanted to go home after visiting one friend and going around the block. Measly by my standards, but Avery had a great time - and was great at sharing with Curran too! Happy Halloween!