Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our artiste!

Here are some pictures Avery painted yesterday. We tried 1/2" brushes for the first time and he did very well with them.

And here's a better video of Curran:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What about Stacia?

So, I thought, I should write a post that's not about my kids. Hmm. This is harder than it should be...
-I've been exercising almost regularly the last three weeks or so. My number of crunches has increased very naturally, as is so important post-partum! I want my flat tummy back! It still feels wrong to be exercising before the sun comes up, but at least it helps me wake up to do so. At least for the first week Curran thought it was very amusing to watch me flap my arms around and count reps.
-I've been reading George RR Martin novels, high fantasy like, and really enjoying them. Way way way better than the David Eddings that I worshiped in high school.
-Some of my time has been spent looking at job opportunities for Aric, because I have much vested interest in where we move to!
-I'm constantly trying to keep on top of housework. I always seems that the house is nice and clean OR we eat good meals, but never both! Arg!
-The planning for my 6th anniversary is finally finished, but it's a surprise for Aric, so you'll have to hear about it later.
-I get to go see the San Jose Sharks (hockey) at the Shark Tank next week! I consider it an awesome start to the day following - which is our anniversary.

Yay, I thought of stuff about me!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here's a bit of brotherly interaction, with Curran scooting around. He can belly crawl much farther than he does in this video. In the picture Avery lends a (thankfully) helping hand to Curran sitting up. Our baby sits well, but falls over easily when distracted.

Curran thought he pretty hot stuff sitting in the computer chair all by himself. Later that day he also tried to devour a dragon (much to Avery's dismay). In the end -as always- he was just exhausted! The picture below is actually from our super-long layover in JFK before Christmas, but trying to devour the dragon had a similar effect :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Return from the North...

After a lovely long visit to upstate New York, we have finally made it back home for the New Year. As you can see Curran never forgot to be Californian, and was a 'cool dude' for the trip, even through layovers and some pretty bumpy landings. You can see Avery below in his lovely new wizard's robe. He magically fell asleep during our last day of Christmas shopping!

Of course I caught daddy giving Curran an entire can of soda so
he would stay awake with me, while he wrapped my prezzies! (No, not really. Aric agreed that brother plus 6 and 7-year-old cousins were enough stimulation for our tot!)

Happy New Year everyone!