Monday, March 29, 2010

South Dakota - More giant carvings

Here's my boys looking at the Crazy Horse Memorial. We didn't get to go up close, but boy do we look forward to how it will look in 20 years! With the newer technology the next stages of work should go much faster than the first 50 years. My favorite thing? That case is full of jars and jars of beads! See below:

South Dakota - Caves

None of the pictures we have do the Wind Cave justice. There was really cool lace-like 'boxwork' all over the cave, and it was just HUGE. There were openings for side caves all along the tour route. Curran is standing by the natural opening of the cave (not where we went in). Avery swore it was that a dragon was living in the cave!

South Dakota - Bones

Our first stop was the Mammoth Site. The boys are sizing up a mammoth femur replica and then had lots of fun playing in the hut made from mammoth bones. A totally cool dig, way worth the stop!

Guess where...