Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finally not sick!

Avery was quite sick for a while, as were we all with a nasty bone-aching flu. But luckily, he got better in time for Living History Day at Sutter's Fort in Sacramento. Rain was expected, but we got gorgeous spring instead! He was quite chatty (going back twice) with the guys at the covered wagon, and really loved the fire in the blacksmith's forge. We got to watch the smith make a mini horseshoe. Our wee mannie also got to dip candles which he thought was really neat. Avery is also writing: He wrote 'too' after I wrote 'too much' on the chalkboard, and he did it of his own volition! And it was legible!

Curran is cruising like a pro and going up steps (when he has good enough incentive like "oh look! someone left the baby gate open!). I tried to take a picture of the curls at the back of his head, which are usually much more properly curled than this photo shows. The other picture is him exploring during our picnic at the elementary school next door to us. Aric and Avery both nearly fell asleep in the warm lovely sun.

In other news, Aric is very busy applying for jobs/calls. Several have already contacted him back, wanting more info from him. He's also dead busy being unofficial minister of his intern church (since the actual minister left for another position). Holy week here as been crazy for him! And no, we don't know where we will end up. He is applying everywhere that sounds like it has a good position.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Growth

Above are two pictures by Avery. He says, "Avery is the best boy colorist of all." About two weeks ago he started drawing people-like things and using many many colors of crayons for detailed rainbow drawings.

And here's Curran who just figured out how to stand up on his knees by himself, and a very energetic video from the same day :) Avery says, "Let's get ready for the video!"