Thursday, June 25, 2009

Curran is 2 Years Old!

Curran had to put on a birthday hat first thing in the morning! Then we all ate and piled into the van for a trip to the Children's Museum of Denver. He spent at least half the time at the fire truck; oh he'd visit the other exhibits for a few minutes, but we always had to go back to the fire truck!

The boys did really spend a good bit of time in the vet center too. They had real x-rays to look at on a lit wall, and all the instruments and stuffed animals you could ask for.

Curran also got his first trike so that he could ride bikes along with his brother. I personally love the handle at the back to help push him =)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We be pirates!

Here's the boys in their pirate hats. Curran's trying his best to make a scary pirate face after trying to say the pirate alphabet: A, E, I, aRRRg! He normally says "A, aRRg, aRRg". It's very cute =)

Of course then the pirates plundered some pudding and got just a *bit* messy, hehe.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Things got a bit interesting for us this evening: around 6:30 pm the town tornado siren started going off. We all stood looking at each other for a sec, "Is that for real?" Then turning on the radio heard about a funnel cloud sighting about 16 miles west of our town. We had about 15 minutes of 'tornado warning' status. (And no this picture is not local.)

So we got to pile the boys downstairs. I grabbed cell phone and the file that holds our birth certificates and passports and went downstairs too. Avery was pretty agitated at first until it was explained that the siren doesn't mean that our house will be hit, just that there is a chance of it - so we have to be prepared. Of course as all good little kids will think of, Avery asked, "What if we have to go potty during the tornado warning?" *chuckle* But a valid point; we have no toilet downstairs. We told him if another warning came that we would take him potty before going into the basement. He seemed ok with that =)

As I write this sentence the storm has just passed us and no more storms in sight, so hopefully it will be a quiet night from here on out! What an exciting evening :P

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy garden...


This is my tomato plant with marigolds ringing the bottom. If you look closely you may be able to see the green cherry tomatoes already, hurray!

Of course Curran thought "you want a picture of ME, not those silly tomatoes!!" What a camera hog!

Another kind of graduation...

Curran took a couple of big steps today. We put away his high chair for good, so he can sit in a booster seat at the table with us. And then we took down the railing of his crib so it looks more like big brother's bed. If you can't tell by the picture he was pretty thrilled!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

California times...

<-- This is currently my favorite photo in the whole world. It was an extremely windy and cold day at the beach, but Avery still wanted to play in the water. The photo here is my sister helping him clean up after getting knocked over by an icy wave. And yes, we really did need hats and scarves!

We also went to Fairytale Town. Curran took the cheese at that awesome park! Or did the cheese take him?

My current battle...

I've always really enjoyed food, and certainly I've enjoyed it too much =)

Since we moved nine months ago I gained over fifteen new pounds I didn't need. My back started being in pain every day and none of my clothes fit anymore. So two weeks ago I started learning about how many calories I actually consume normally (and what I should be eating) and exercising every day. It has made me grouchy a few days - eating less that is - but it's starting to pay off already.

My wedding ring fits back on my finger now (I had to move it to my pinky especially with the warm weather), my back doesn't hurt every day and I've lost three or so pounds. And I haven't been starving myself at all, just eating reasonably and being active. So wish me luck to keep up my willpower. I don't want weight-induced diabetes and I want to wear my clothes again...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Adios preschool!

Here's Avery holding his 'graduation' certificate for finishing preschool. The kids did a presentation thing of singing ten or so songs before they presented the kindergarteners-to-be with their certificates.