Tuesday, July 21, 2009

St. Louis #1

We took a trip and spent about five days in St. Louis. It was great fun and I would definitly go back. There is way too much to put into one post though, so we start with the zoo, which was Avery's birthday activity post-poned. Aric put up lots of St. Louis pictures on Flickr, click here.

Because of my personal preferences, we started the zoo with a lot of time in the reptile house which was awesome! Their bug building (including butterfly biodome) was really great too. One of the most awesome things they had in the kid's area was a clear tube slide that went through the river otter exhibit! Had a hard time pulling Avery away from that one... They got to pet guinea pigs and also play veterinarian again (like at the children's museum). We went to the zoo two days, since entry is free, and the kids loved it all.

On a side note, we visited an uncle's house yesterday near a lake and had a blast! Avery went out on his first paddle boat ride and went swimming -with inner tube- with all of his cousins. Curran got to go on a big trampoline for the first time; he had fun, but it took some getting used to the big bounces. I got to go diving and swimming for nearly an hour after Curran got too cold to swim with me, and it was soo peaceful! *happy sigh*

Avery lovin' 5!

So here is Avery with his crazy birthday
cake, and I do mean crazy! The center was a flower candle that opened up and was much more of a firecracker in the middle then any of us expected... Curran was just a wee bit scared, poor guy.

Avery enjoyed playing with his new foldable soccer goal and opening many gifts. We will be going to the zoo for his birthday activity, but couldn't do it on the day.