Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

If you can't tell by the infrequency of posts, I've been keeping busy. Luckily part of that busy is staying more caught up with house work (yay!). With four in the house I've found that I better do at least one load a day or else the laundry monster visits! Curran has seven teeth now; and speaking of teeth I got my first root canal under some kind of valium May 1st, and it certainly helped reduce the stress. Since then Curran has also been weaned and sleeps through the night now! The biggest news is that Aric was approved as 'ready for ordination'. *WHEW* He will also technically graduate from SFTS next week, but still be allowed to take a class this fall, which means we get to stay while he looks for a job.

Avery drew me a picture and picked out a bunch of manga for me on Mother's Day. You can see what a good daddy he is to his baby doll. He feeds the baby (now named Avery, because baby 'Curran' grew up) and changes his diapers. Avery told me that if the baby spit up I had to wipe it off while he went to the gym with daddy. The seeds that came in Avery's easter basket are growing well.
The sweet peas are about 6" tall now (week-old picture here), we have about 5 cantaloupes, several carrot sprouts, but no poppies yet :(

You can see Curran likes Tia Erika. Looking at her awesome hair reminds me that Curran is finally pulling hair less. I can leave my hair down sometimes now, and he'll mostly leave it alone. He's also a major copycat. When I stack stuff, he tries to help. And he's always happy to un-stack or un-pack things! Avery on the other hand has been a doll these last few days (after three days of random terror from him), and has been helping me sort and fold laundry. He's very attentive to detail, which helps him match socks, but in general makes him get frustrated soo easily.