Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Will it never end?

So we had a marvelous time visiting our friends in Missouri! We saw an awesome cave; the Devil's Icebox. Played lots of games with much fervor :) And I even got to satisfy my sushi craving (as at home I have to make it myself).

Avery's cough went away finally. Then of course this morning he wakes up complaining of a sore stomach. I figure it's just from having junk food on the road, but and hour and a half later the school nurse calls to tell me he "lost his lunch" and he needs to go home. Two hours after that he's curled up in a ball with a fever over 101. My only guess is he got some stomach flu at Sunday school. Poor dude. I want us all healthy for the holidays!

I'm even going to the doctor today because my ears have hurt the last couple of days and my throat is still achy. *le sigh* Wish us luck!

Update: Avery's fever hasn't gone up anymore, but nothing stays in his tummy but a bit of water. Poor guy's head is killing him, but he can't keep the medicine down :( I swear after all this we better have one big "get out of illness free for a year" card!
Doctor gave me antibiotics. She thinks I have a throat infection that is bad enough to reach up and make my ears achy.