Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The top picture is the second living room that is to the left of the tiled dining area (seen in the post below).  The white door goes out to the carport and there is a doorway just to the left of the white door that goes down to the basement.

The middle picture is the upstairs bathroom.  There is floral wallpaper AGAIN, but I can tolerate this one much much better than the shimmery pink 80's-colors flowers of the last one!

The bottom picture is one of the 3 upstairs bedrooms.  I like the tassel-y curtains :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

<-- Here is the front living room of our house to be!  We are all so excited to have our own house again.  This one is only a rental so should not be sold out from under us like our last two choices!

This place has central heat and air, and two raised garden beds already built in the backyard.

<-- This is part of our awesome kitchen to be!  Please note the actual fan above the oven and the super-modern am/fm radio installed under the counter ;)  There is also a dishwasher that you can't see.  YAY dishwashers!

<-- This is the right-hand side of the kitchen - more counter space!!!  You can also see the tiled dining room past the counters.  That window back there looks out onto the backyard which also has a utility shed.