Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our artiste!

Here are some pictures Avery painted yesterday. We tried 1/2" brushes for the first time and he did very well with them.

And here's a better video of Curran:


Chip said...

I really like the purple swirly one. Well done, Avery.

And as for you Curran, keep up that pounding. Rhythm is the heart of good music. ;-)

Mama said...

Oh... he's so adorable!! I love how his little face just lights up!!

On a side note I can see you are still struggling to potty train Avery. I wish there was a magic answer!

I love you!

Clarice Michael said...

Oh This blog is perfect. Its every thing that Aric's is not. PERSONAL and adorable. Woah it totally makes me miss you guys though. I am inspired by all the photos I have got to learn how to get those up on mine.

I love you all so much.