Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cardboard and coins

Here's Curran taking care of my junk mail for me. *grin* I think he must be fiber deficient the way he likes to chew on cardboard! The next pic is Avery cleaning his coin collection. We used salted vinegar to get the tarnish off, so it smells like Easter in our house. You can also see his first tattoo on his left arm. He thinks it's pretty cool!

Avery also just starting drawing things. You might be able to see all the little round people with faces and legs on his chalkboard. Some people have quite the stories attached to them. One of them is crying because her baby fell down the stairs. (A bit morbid, I know..) He has also drawn the letters V, T, P and R of his own accord.


G'Ma said...

Wow! I love Avery's little people!! He has such a vivid imagination. Does he have a treasure chest to hold his coins? If not, that would be a great gift idea to pass along to his Tia Clarice who also has a large coin collection!

Chip said...

Maybe that's what we look like before we get to this plane of existence?

E said...

I like his first tattoo, just wait till I send you the picture of his first "permanant" tattoo...(muahh ahhh ahhh)