Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Return from the North...

After a lovely long visit to upstate New York, we have finally made it back home for the New Year. As you can see Curran never forgot to be Californian, and was a 'cool dude' for the trip, even through layovers and some pretty bumpy landings. You can see Avery below in his lovely new wizard's robe. He magically fell asleep during our last day of Christmas shopping!

Of course I caught daddy giving Curran an entire can of soda so
he would stay awake with me, while he wrapped my prezzies! (No, not really. Aric agreed that brother plus 6 and 7-year-old cousins were enough stimulation for our tot!)

Happy New Year everyone!


G'Ma said...

What adorable pictures!!! Curran's hair has gone blonde?!?!!! And Avery is so CUTE in the wizard costume. I am glad he enjoys playing dress up.. that is such a great way to spark the imagination. Maybe when you guys get settled in your new home later this year we will arrange for the dress-up trunk to find it's way to yours. (Most of my nieces and nephews have outgrown it by now!) Thanks for the G'ma candy! The post made my day today!!

Chip said...

Well, Aric and Clarice were fed coffee at the infant stage, so I suppose soda isn't all that awful! But typically it's the grandparents that do the feeding of unusual materials.

And you get back to Rain!!! Gotta love El Nino.

Stacia said...

Just fair warning: Avery doesn't dress up very often yet. He'll only wear them for 5-10 minutes at a time before wanting them off.

Clarice Michael said...

Hey Honey,

I don't have any thing to say on this particular article. I wanted to contact you but cant email from work. So I have to use the blog comments instead. However Mum cant read them, so I tried to find an obscure article that she would never go back and find. I am hoping this is emailed to you, or you will never find them either. he he he. I have also sent the same thing to Aric, so he has it as well.

So Mothering Sunday is March 2nd. Yea next Sunday. I'm sorry for the late notice. I am planning on getting her and Dad Tickets to see the Ballet. Remember the one we went to ages ago? Midsummer's Night Dream. Its the one with the ballet cast on the sleeper train, and in their dreams the story unfolds. Its having a revival tour and I thought Mom and Dad would like to go. From you guys she is getting the Stardust DVD. I already got it. And from me she is getting a lovely decorated journal for her fairytales.

What I need now is how to make a day all about the fantasy theme. Witches, magic, fairies, enchanted places, etc. My flatmates think I should wrap all her gifts in cheesy fairy paper, and make enchanted food. But none of them seem to know what enchanted food looks like or how to make it.

I thought that you or Aric might have something creative to contribute. Or maybe some interesting clues.