Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fun with words

So this charming guy loves exclamation points. He's stuck on "they make it LOUDER", as I told him at first. What a big mistake! Now he takes every "!" as a chance to shout out the phrase as we read. So Aric and I tried to explain that exclamation marks can also make it more emphatic or forceful.

"Can you say 'em-pha-tic'?" we ask.

He tries several times, not getting it right.

"em-pha-tic," we repeat.

Eventually he shouts, "EMPHATIC!" then with a grin, he says, "I made it LOUDER!"

Aric and I just had to bust up laughing. :)


Chip said...

He is so CUTE!

You might try giving him the example of intensity and show how it can be varied.

You can whisper quiet.
or you can whisper (stage whisper) which is louder, but still a whisper but more intense than just a whisper.

You can pitch words.
so the more emphatic word is higher pitched.

I want to go to the park.
I want to go to the park.
I want to go to the park.

or as it might be written out:
I want! to go to the park.
I! want to go to the park.
I want to go to the park!

This will give him more "tools" with which to understand emphatic - shades of grey if you will.

However, fair warning. It took Aric a while to grasp the concept when he was young so you may get screamed at for a while.... *grin*

Eddie Louise said...

Bless!I know the feeling... I am amazingly fond of exclamation points, and to me (somewhere in the back of my mind) I always hear the emphasis as EMPHATIC too! Make sure you take the time to show him Spanish punctuation too... An exclamation mark before AND after... Heaven!!!!