Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dancing Green Ghosts, Batman!

Here is Avery to the right, very happy to be a green ghost for Halloween just like he wanted. (Mama's happy she managed to cut a circle with armholes, then hem it!) I also made his little treats bag out of skeleton fabric. We had to cut out the ghost's whole face because eyeholes and 3-year-olds just don't mix :) He made it to quite a few houses, but Grandpa did end up carrying him the last stretch home. Lollipops were his favorite to eat the rest of the night.

I thought the length of the the costume was perfect, but was unfortunately bad for stairs. And it seemed like EVERYONE around us had stairs - go figure!

To the left is Avery just before his first ballet class on Nov 2nd. He is with our neighbor Jane who happens to be taking the same class! He did really well following directions, and just did a lot of looking around during the free dance time, trying to figure out what he was supposed to be doing. His class has eleven other girls in it, so fairly sizable, but the teacher handles them really well. I was so proud of his 'leap over the pond'; he even held his arms out in 2nd!

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Heather said...

How cute! I love the green ghost! Aiden wanted to be a ghost for his 2nd and 3rd Halloweens, too.

And good job on making the costume and the bag. Home-made costumes are the best! (Although I confess it can be a relief when a well made store-bought costume can be found.)

Give yourself a great big pat on the back! :D