Saturday, October 27, 2007

The new shoes:

Ta da! Here is Avery's first pair of ballet slippers. His are the black ones of course. When we came home from the dance store, mama had to get out her well-worn ballet slippers so we could practice positions together :)

Like every child I have ever known, he loves to see how wide he can get his feet in 2nd position!

Whether or not he enjoys creative movement/ballet is yet to be seen, since class starts on November 2nd. Wish him luck!


Chip said...

Good luck, Master Avery!

Hopefully you have your mother's genes and can dance up a storm!!!!

Fashion said...

great!...matching shoes....when i wear my favorite nike shoes and my daughter wear her favorite shoes and we stand like

Stacia said...


That has to be so cute :) I know you from somewhere?
Just curious because so far only four people have seen my website.

Heather W. Reichgott said...

Hi Stacia!

Well, add one more person to the tally of people who have seen your website :) (via Aric's link on his blog)

You and Avery look great in your matching first positions.
Kudos to you for introducing him to ballet. May he continue to enjoy stretching and flying through the air.

cheers, Heather