Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well rendered

So here's the boys showing off their new hats. They've both been enjoying the outdoors a lot lately, so we've been using them. Curran pulls at his to remove it (like all babies), but leaves it alone once he's outside and distracted. Avery likes to swordfight or chase the other kids and Curran likes to go down the slide - face first if given the chance.

Here's me and the babe. You can see my newest hair color. The box said plum, but between my natural color and the reddish color in it from before it came out more like dark aubergine or wine. I think I'd have to bleach my hair to get a real good purple, but I really don't want to do that to my poor already-thin hair.

To the left you can see my art project for the day. I was pretty happy with how well it came out for a casual sketching party with Avery. The lower picture is the one from the book. I also did a pretty nice cartoon cat and mad scientist, but I won't bore everyone with every little doodle :)


Mama said...

Wow! You and Clarice have the same haircolour!! She went temporarily black for a show, and with the red underneath, as the black washes out she has gone aubergine too!!! Cool!

Your boys are so handsome!! I really enjoyed my talk with Avery last week! He is rarely so chatty so it was a real treat!

I love you!

Chip said...

hats, new hats? Are they the boy with a 1000 hats? Careful the king doesn't walk by....

Or is this a story make no sense to you?