Friday, February 23, 2007

Bat Rays and Birthdays

The picture above is from January when I went to Germany with my father and sister. It was an amazing trip. My energy was a bit down being 4 months pregnant, but still so glad I went! I'll try and put up a complete post about that trip once I get all the files.

We just spent a wonderful weekend in the Monterey area! On Saturday the 17th we went to the aquarium with cousin Callee and Keenan. Avery seemed most amazed by the kelp tank, and said his favorite part was the live birds (that didn't fly away). He also spent a lot of time at the sea otter tank. Oh! I almost far the favorite part for both Avery and Keenan was the swirling light on the floor. They chased it around and around until I almost lost my lunch, and no amount of, "Let's go to the jellyfish over here" could tear them away from it.

Sunday was spent wishing Aiden a happy birthday, and I must say, he was very generous and let Avery use his bed and bedroom...not to mention all his toys. The household was full and lively. I loved it! It was wonderful to see everyone again.

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